Welcome Messages

Congratulations Speech by RA Minister of Diaspora, Hranush Hakobyan

We are happy to announce the launch of the website for the Pan-Armenian Association of Architects and Engineers. The website will bring together Armenian architects and engineers from around the world and provide them with the opportunity to share international knowledge and know-how for the benefit of the country. It will bring us a platform to share new ideas, identify issues and raise the standards of contemporary architectural practices and policies in Armenia. More importantly, it will help us develop the programmes necessary to achieve world-class architecture.

The Pan-Armenian Association of Architects and Engineers was first established in 2009 with its regional offices in USA, Russia and Europe as a result of the first Pan-Armenian architectural conference organised by the RA Ministry of Diaspora. One of the first activities of the Association was its participation in the Shanghai Expo held in China in 2010, where it presented the ‘City of the World’ project at the Republic of Armenia pavilion. The exhibit got special recognition as one of the best pavilions in the expo with more than 25,000 visitors each day. More recently, the co-presidents of the Association, Vahe and Gohar Tutunjian, joined efforts with chief architect of Yerevan, Tigran Barseghyan and his team to design the ‘New Halep’ district in the city of Ashtarag for our growing community of Syrian-Armenians. We are confident that their partnership will forge new and challenging approaches in the development of this project. Members of the Armenian Diaspora today are at the forefront of new architectural and design practices around the world. We need to bring these people together – as it is an extraordinary resource that can be of great benefit to our country. The Pan-Armenian Association of Architects and Engineers website is vital in helping us achieve this. We wish the team the best of luck and all the success in helping the Association reach its objectives through the launch of their website today. We believe that with the combined intelligence, drive and commitment of the co-presidents, this will be achieved.


Welcome Speech by Co-presidents of Pan-Armenian Association of Architects and Engineers, Vahe and Gohar Tutunjian


 We would like to take this opportunity to welcome all Armenian architects and engineers around the world to the Pan-    Armenian Association of Architects and Engineers (PAAAE) website. Launched with the support of the RA Ministry of Diaspora, the website promises to be a vital resource for bringing together our vast community of architects and engineers and anyone who has an interest in Armenian architecture and construction.

Throughout history, architects and engineers from the Armenian Diaspora have created and designed inspiring buildings and structures across the world. Today, with the help of the PAAAE website, we can bring these people together.  We can share our experiences and knowledge and provide a vital resource for anyone interested in connecting with Armenian architects and engineers in any part of the world. It will provide an opportunity for professionals to work together, collaborate and promote themselves across different disciplines. Armenia is a fast growing emerging market and this website will be a valuable resource for any individual or developer interested in investing in the Armenian construction and real estate industry.

We are inviting Armenian architects and engineers from around the world to join us. Be part of our professional community by joining the Association through membership and participation. It is important that we work together, so we welcome any suggestions and ideas that can help us make this a success.