Stepanakert Airport

Stepanakert Airport

In 2009 the construction work of a new passenger airport in Stepanakert began which was completed in 2012. The passenger complex of the airport is represented in the form of a peace-loving and freedom-seeking bird. What can be a better way to describe the embodying the essence of Artsakh spirit on this new airport designed and completed recently by well known Armenian architect and now the chief architect of Yerevan city Tigran Barseghyan.

The role of the passenger airport in Stepanakert is of great importance in developing a sustainable economy and improving Artsakh’s relations with Armenia and international community. It has been designed and constructed according to the international and Nagorno Karabakh Republic construction and technological standards.

The space solutions of the project’s main plan are essentially driven by the urban requirement of the area and the demands put forward by the project task force. The planning solutions of the airport correspond to the technical and zoning demands.

The arrival and departure lounges together with their relevant services are located at the ground floor level while the management rooms are located at the 1st floor level. The technical staff and administrative rooms are at the basement level.

An increasing capacity of the passenger flow range per hour, from 50 to 150, is projected through building additional arrival and departure suites.

The staircase and elevator that carry out an important position in the three dimensional idea, ensuring the communication among the floors, stand out molding into the technical building of flight management and observation hall.

The airport is still remaining closed due to undisclosed reasons that make us think how long till the nations can become tolerant towards each other and solve their disputes in a peaceful manner.

The passenger airport in Stepanakert can be truthfully considered as an instance enriching the best of international and national experience in such constructions.

It must be also added that this and other projects have been accomplished with the active engagement and support of the Yerevan State Engineering University students.

We will continue to report more about the project after the interview with the architect in the near future.