Penthouse Design on Tumanyan str. in Yerevan, Armenia

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Telemak Ananyan, Gohar Isakhanyan, Anahit Mkhchyan, Karen Aghajanyan 2008-2010 ITHAKA – Architecture and design Tel: +374 10 546609, + 7 495 5176537 E-mail: Website:
Penthouse Design

The project is implemented in a modern mixed style, with the elements typical for works of Frank Lloyd Wright, American architect of the beginning of the first half of the 20th century. However, if in his interiors and exteriors Wright has been using common motives, forms and materials typical for the architecture of the American aborigines (Ennis house, Hollyhock house, Tracy House, etc.), in this case motives, shapes and decorations typical for the Armenian architecture are applied. In particular, lining the main blind wall with the purely hewn red-orange tufa is an important focus, which is common for secular and civil interiors of the Armenian Renaissance constructions (9-14th century).

In fact, the wall, lined with tufa, is a characteristic feature of the penthouse. It covers the entire backward (from the entrance) surface from the main open planning zones, entrance vestibule, hall, living room, dining room and a staircase that rises up to the leisure area: a fireplace, bar, library and an open summer terrace with a beautiful view on the center of Yerevan. Thus, the "Orange-red Wall" becomes one of the characteristic components of an apartment, giving it a specific ethnic spirit and at the same time is a modern touch in interior design.

Motives and elements of ethnic Armenian bas-reliefs, forging etc. are also used in the interior.