“Srbots Targmanchats” Church

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Erik Ohanyan N/A Address: 11/11 Tbilisyan Highway, Arabkir district, Yerevan, RA Phone: (+374 93) 524 751 E-mail: ohanyan_erik@yahoo.com
Srbots Targmanchats

Erik Ohanyan is one of those 50 participants who submitted applications to participate in unprecedented international architectural contest organized in Armenia and whose design was considered one of the best and got the second prize for the “Srbots Targmanchats” Church project. Young talent living and working in Armenia has a message put in his work in designing a well proportioned and strong architectural work, having his say in a new way, even if you are designing a church. The model and the 3D of the project look promising.

The contest was organized and implemented by “Storaket” architectural studio by the order of “Ayb” educational foundation (www.aybschool.am, www.ayb.am). Being a young architectural studio, “Storaket” has the goal to create simple modern architecture in Armenia which will be available and comprehensive to everyone, to project new, functional and gorgeous buildings which will make the environment and lifestyle of those who use the building valuable (www.storaket.am).

Among the authoritative jurors were Archbishop Navasard Ktchoyan, Armenian Holy Apostolic Church Araratian Patriarchal diocese vicar, Fr. Mesrop Aramean, Armenian Holy Apostolic Church priest, theologian, scientist and translator, David Kertmenjyan, architecture professor, architect, Narek Sargsyan, Distinguished Architect of the Republic of Armenia, at present President of Architectural Committee adjacent to RA Government, Mkrtich Minasyan, President of RA Architects Union and others.

“Srbots Targmanchats” church is a construction which is built in the area of “Ayb” educational settlement and comprises a part of “Ayb” educational settlement.

“Ayb” educational settlement is situated in Arabkir Community in Yerevan in the area of Tbilisyan Highway and comprises 7 hectares. The area is situated about 30 m low-lying Tbilisyan Highway, generally it’s flat with slightly rising relief to the east. “Ayb” high school and other dilapidated structures subject to dismantling in the future are also situated in this area. Driving to is from Tbilisyan Highway that approach the area from the north and south sides. The allotment destined for the church is situated in north-western side about 150 m away from “Ayb” high school. Kanaker HES canal also is in the neighborhood of the allotment.

The General Plan
“Srbots Targmanchats” church is a complex of structures consisting of “Srbots Targmanchats” church, the belfry, the community center and the open-air amphitheatre. The main structure and dominant of the complex is “Srbots Targmanchats” church, the belfry is situated 25 m to the east of it, the community center and the open-air amphitheatre are situated in the north-east of the church and are absorbed  in the land and do not participate in the dimensional modulations.

The Church
The church is the cornerstone and dominant of the structure by its sizes and position, the rest are subordinate both by sizes and by dimensional modulations. It has in its plan 26 m outline diameter and about 30.5m height until below the cross. It is a round center-domed church and it coincides with Armenian Apostolic Church ritual ceremony. The material outcome of the translators’ movement, that is the book, has found its reflection in the church architecture. Reminding of semi-opened books the stony blank walls design the whole three-degree volume of the church with the unity of the interior and exterior architectures. The light coming from the stony semiopened books creates special lightness as if the books standing on the shoulders of one another dance “berdpar”; that is to say that under its umbrella Armenian Apostolic Church for centuries has been sponsoring, encouraging, developing its spiritual creativity, education as important means for maintaining national identity. Each of the stony books would be a special gift devoted to each of the Armenian medieval versifiers: Mashtots, Anhaght, Khorenatsi, Narekatsi, etc. and would have specific art draft in the face of bas-reliefs and inscriptions.

Though the main entrances are from western and southern wings, northern, north-eastern and south-eastern glazing are also anticipated as entrances. The above mentioned are anticipated as mobile doors which will operate during warm months especially on church holidays providing the participation of the people gathering outside the church in the liturgy. The church has basement where theological library is anticipated. The library is whole area which in the plan is divided into 2 functional zones: perimetrical niches are for book depository and the central hall is for reading room.

Being a separate structure the belfry also has other function, first it is as lighthouse which directs the person approaching to the main entrace of the church and also it is main entrace from the western part to the church area.

Community Center
The community center situated on the north-eastern part of the church is 27x9 outline sizes one-storeyed building in the plan consisting of vestibule, hall, the clergyman room and the bathroom units. Only the western wall of the community center serves as outside wall on the distance of natural light, the other walls are absorbed in the land, the bonnet is flat, covered with plants, becoming the continuation of the neighbouring lawns.

Open-Air Amphitheatre
The amphitheatre anticipated for summer open-air performances, concerts, lectures and other ceremonies can host about 330 people. The apmhitheatre is also absorbed in the land on the made slope. The stairs of the amphitheatre serve as approaching point to the community center and the library.