“Medical Center after Armenak and Anna Tadevossians” Foundation

Project Authors Project Duration Company Contacts
Albert Ajemian, Armen Minasyan 2010-2012
Medical Center

On 1 March, 2012 “Medical Center after Armenak and Anna Tadevossians” foundation started its performance in the area of Kosh community (Aragatsotn marz, RA) situated on Ashtarak-Talin highway, established by the sponsorship of Diaspora-Armenian benefactor Razmik Tadevissian in the memory of his parents.

The documents concerning to the architectural and construction issues were prepared by the design company “Palimpsest” with joint efforts of the project co-authors Albert Ajemian, company director and Armen Minasyan. The location of the Center was selected based on the suggestion of the company after a comprehensive study conducted in different regions of Armenia. The company also conducted the supervision during the whole process of the construction. The works of construction were realized within 18 months by the construction company “Metsn Erik” represented by Levon Shahumyan, company director.

The single-storey building of the Clinic with a total area of 1700 square meters is situated in the north-western part of Kosh community taken into consideration the opportunity of maximum use of natural lighting and insurance of necessary knack, service and technical approaches. Regarding the space-planning, international and Armenian norms and practices have been taken into account, displaying architectural, spatial and aesthetic unique approach. The main, emergency, service, administrative and technical entrances are planned in the building which will serve with evacuative purposes in case of necessity. There are general, clinical, diagnostic, services, administrative and technical departments in the building, which functional and normal links are provided by corridors, and the maximum natural lighting is provided by skylights.

The Medical center operates on the basis of the license provided by the RA Ministry of Healthcare and has 12 cabinets for clinical diagnosis and provides a number of services such as general therapeutic, cardiologic, surgery, radiological, ophthalmologic, neurological, gastrointestinal, urological, and gynecological diagnostics, including emergency service, etc.

Kosh community which has over 2000 pupulation is not the only one to make use of the services provided by the Center. It serves over 16000 population in 18 rural communities and the geography of the population served by the Center is gradually expanding to cover villages and cities both inside and outside of the marz. In general over 6300 ambulator cases were registered up to now and besides the Center arranges regular free medical checkups for vulnerable groups of the surrounding villages.

The services provided by the Center have a great demand among the population of the marz and the confidence towards the Center is increasing day by day due to highly qualified specialists invited from Yerevan.

The design of the Center is not the only work of Ajemian in his motherland. He is also the author of the kindergarten’s project foreseen for over 100 children of Kosh community which is going to open its doors in December 2013.