PAAAE History

Pan-Armenian Association of Architects and Engineers (PAAAE) is a non-governmental organization officially registered on 19 August in 2009 in Yerevan, Republic of Armenia.

The PAAAE was established under the high auspices of the RA Ministry of Diaspora and by the decree of the RA President Mr. Serzh Sargsyan as a main outcome of the Pan-Armenian Conference of Architects and Civil-Engineers held from 21-24 April, 2009. The Coordination Board of the Association was also established which elected Narek Sargsyan, the former Chief Architect of the Yerevan city, as the President.

Since establishment the Association has been called Pan-Armenian Association of Architects and Civil-Engineers (PAACE) which was renamed in 2011 and currently is called Pan-Armenian Association of Architects and Engineers (PAAAE).

The Association in 4-years period has made an impressive progress taking part both national and international projects, as well as initiated and conducted numerous conferences, trainings, student exchange programs, symposiums. The Association’s members have participated in competitions such as Gyumri Techno Park, the complex building being built instead of Yeritasardakan Palace, “Armenia” hotel being built in Sochi. In 2010 some of the Association’s architects both from Armenia and abroad were awarded in different nominations in the “Best Works of the Year” exhibition-competition initiated by the RA Ministry of Diaspora.

One of the most outstanding achievements has been the Armenian architects’ participation in the international exhibition “Shanghai Expo-2010”. They introduced the “City of World” unique project which was considered one of the best works of the exhibition as being in line with the slogan of the exhibition “Better city, better life”.

With the efforts and sponsorship of PAACE, from 28 August to 21 November 2010, first time architects from Armenia and Diaspora (representatives from USA, Italy, Qatar and Armenia) participated in architectural Biennale headlined “Cities: Society and Architecture” in Venice, Italy, under one common pavilion. As a result of participation the Armenian pavilion was awarded with the prize of Venice administrative district for the contribution in development of Armenian-Italian intercultural relations.

On 15 November, 2011 the second Conference of PAACE was held jointly with the RA Ministry of Diaspora which brought together members from all over the world. Taking into consideration the fact that the Association consolidates architects and engineers living and working in different corners of the world it was decided to provide opportunity to administer the Association by the representatives both from Armenia and Diaspora, therefore the Coordination Board elected Vahe and Gohar Tutunjians (Qatar) and Ashot Grigoryan (Armenia) as co-presidents of the Association. By the decision of the General Assembly the Association was renamed into Pan-Armenian Association of Architects and Engineers.

Since then the Association has been involved in a number of projects the most outstanding being the construction of a residential neighborhood called “New Haleb” (New Aleppo) in the town of Ashtarak, RA. The project is aimed at helping alleviate the housing problem faced by many Armenians who have fled as a result of the civil war in Syria.

It is worth mentioning that Vahe and Gohar Tutunjians, PAAAE co-presidents, are members of the working group especially established for the “New Haleb” project, functioning under the RA Ministry of Diaspora, and are key contributors to the implementation with design and improvement of the neighborhood.

With the sponsorship of Vahe and Gohar Tutunjians, the PAAAE website has recently been created which has been under construction and today it continues to introduce news in the field of architecture and construction, activities of architects from Armenia and Diaspora. The new constructed website serves as a platform to mobilize the Pan-Armenian architectural potential, as well as plays an important role in campaigning, promoting and introducing the Armenian architecture and engineering to the world.