Newsletter #3

Newsletter #3

Dear Colleagues,

In October, 2013 the PAAAE underwent basic structural changes to take a direction toward a diaspora orientated philosophy and programs. This was done in order to enable our building industry workforce to actively participate in Armenia, and for Armenia, through the platform provided by PAAAE’s website which allows them to choose the areas of their interest, and communicate with us.

The PAAAE’s channels of communication are geared towards events in the Republic, and the challenges and opportunities available to Armenian communities abroad in the fields of architecture and engineering, as well as the public realm at large.

By going through the sections of the website, and the articles and interviews that are available, you can clearly see the issues that we are raising for public awareness.

The Ministry of Diaspora has taken the lead to help in the establishment of professional associations of journalists, lawyers, etc., and thus the establishment of PAAAE.

Many donors and contributors are supporting the country by building facilities in the fields of healthcare and education, or by acquiring properties in order to get a foothold in the country. (


We have young talents already established in Armenia, and abroad (


We have a new school of engineering, the French-Armenian Institute of Construction (, to educate a new generation of builders and engineers, and prepare them for the challenges of the 21st century. (

The country has the resources to deal with challenges in the building industry. We have contractors, carpenters, modern aluminum factories, seismic isolation technology orientated industries (, real estate developers, and building material suppliers (, 


We have specialized restorers of our architectural heritage ( all of which is covered by the relevant section on our website.

The refugee influx into our country due to people fleeing the Middle East is raising serious issues in terms of a housing shortage in the country (,


We have an interesting web gallery with photographs of buildings and places not known to ordinary tourists but constituting a daily reality for all the Armenians living in Armenia (

The PAAAE has taken a special direction to get ready for the Armenian Genocide Centennial, and is issuing two professional calendars:

  • A calendar consisting of a graphic representation of hidden architectural monuments testifying to our hidden and buried history in modern Turkey, and exposing the condition they are in now, thus confirming for the world the reason of the existence of an Armenian diaspora spread all over the world.
  • A second calendar dedicated to the past, renaissance, present, and future of our nation with a comparative photo gallery of the city of Adana, Soviet-era Yerevan, and the present day challenges faced by the city of Yerevan. This presentation addresses both our nation’s resilience in being reborn from the ashes to build what is now the Republic of Armenia as well as the reality of existing housing conditions still present in Yerevan and the rest of the Republic that require retrofitting and renovation.
  • The initiative “Tell Your Story” is about the 3rd and 4th generation descendants of the genocide survivors who are specialists in our fields of architecture and engineering or the building industry, and sees them telling personal and family stories about how Armenians ended up living in Lebanon, the USA, Europe, or Australia and why are in these countries and not in Armenia. The first article is about Bedros Bidanian and his ancestors who come from Musa Dagh in present-day Turkey (

With your continued support and your stories there will be more articles to come from “Tell Your Story” on our website.

As we kick off the year 2015 we encourage all of you to join the PAAAE, thus realizing the creation of a strong and durable platform on which you can contribute to the development of the Republic of Armenia!