Newsletter #2

Dear fellow members and colleagues!

Greetings to you all in Armenia and Diaspora!

When we decided to launch the PAAAE website it seemed that everything would go smoothly but like any other organization, PAAAE has gone through the same path of never ending challenges. The aim is not only to fill the website with interesting information to share but also to establish the philosophy of the Association, share it through the website platform and in general to achieve practical accomplishments.

The website has many divisions and sections that you can see at the home page, however at the Article’s section there is one that requires your attention at this point and it is titled “Adopt me”. It is PAAAE’s first initiative to improve part of the city which is concentrated on the entryways of the residential buildings.  

Please, do read the article thoroughly and see the real opportunity of how you can participate and help as an architect, engineer, quantity surveyor or a specialist. You can join the project by designing, calculating, supplying, or in any way that you can contribute to the project. By collaborating this way we can achieve what nobody else has accomplished till now and make the world around us a better place to live.

“Adopt me” will be a continuous project in PAAAE’s agenda which will be followed on a regular basis and the progress will be showcased on the website.   

You will automatically contribute to this project by joining the Association as a member, where your first membership fee will be donated to the “Adopt me” project

In case you want to make further donations, kindly follow the link on our website:

Taking this opportunity we would like to wish you a Happy New Year and a Merry Christmas. May 2014 be a fruitful year for the PAAAE members in Armenia and all over the Diaspora.

Sincerely yours,
PAAAE team