Newsletter #1

Dear fellow colleagues,

Greetings to you all in Armenia and Diaspora all over the world!

Under the wise leadership of the Armenian government to create an Association and on the occasion of launching of a website of Pan-Armenian Association of Architects and Engineers (PAAAE) we welcome the opportunity granted to us all to connect as professionals on the solid platform of the motherland to create and cooperate together on different levels and occasions which are waiting for us to be realized.

The website belongs to all professionals of the field of architecture and engineering entrepreneurs, students and many other professionals related to the industry who are willing to contribute and believe that PAAAE is the platform to reconnect with each other and together get ready to face the challenges of the modern world and reshape the world we are living in for our future generations continuity and prosperity.

The Association’s newly launched website as you noticed has many detailed pages which are representing different fields of our industry and will be fine-tuned and ready to be filled with information to be collected from all over Diaspora. You as an individual in your field will have a chance to showcase your works through it. The Association’s goal is to give you the opportunity to communicate with the professionals of our field continuously through discussions and debates.

  • The civil engineers to write and describe their works and challenges;
  • The mechanical, electrical, planning (mep) professionals to present and describe their works in our field and describe the challenges;
  • The quantity surveyors to give us information about their field and challenges facing our industry;
  • The professionals in the building materials industry to describe and present their products and educate the members with the specifics with reports and suggestions;
  • The contractors and subcontractors to present and describe their current works and challenges.

Our field is vast but extremely interesting and your input is going to be appreciated by students in our field to get all this information free since they have a chance to subscribe free of charge.

What you have to do is fill in the membership form for us to process the application and please describe your interests or suggestions, hence will startup from there.

In the near future and with your contributions we can organize events seminars, conferences, but now we are limiting ourselves to communicate through the website.

Do join the Association and get connected!