Monthly Newsletter

15 January 2015

Newsletter #3

Dear Colleagues,

In October, 2013 the PAAAE underwent basic structural changes to take a direction toward a diaspora orientated philosophy and programs. This was done in order to enable our building industry workforce to actively participate in Armenia, and for Armenia, through the platform provided by PAAAE’s website which allows them to choose the areas of their interest, and communicate with us.

The PAAAE’s channels of c...

14 January 2014

Dear fellow members and colleagues!

Greetings to you all in Armenia and Diaspora!

When we decided to launch the PAAAE website it seemed that everything would go smoothly but like any other organization, PAAAE has gone through the same path of never ending challenges. The aim is not only to fill the website with interesting information to share but also to establish the philosophy of the Association, share it through the website platform and in general to achiev...

30 November 2013

Dear fellow colleagues,

Greetings to you all in Armenia and Diaspora all over the world!

Under the wise leadership of the Armenian government to create an Association and on the occasion of launching of a website of Pan-Armenian Association of Architects and Engineers (PAAAE) we welcome the opportunity granted to us all to connect as professionals on the solid platform of the motherland to create and cooperate together on different levels and occasions which ar...