PAAAE hosted a videoconference with representatives of PAAAE Affiliations

On 10 December the PAAAE hosted a videoconference with the coordinators of PAAAE Affiliations. The meeting was co-chaired by Gohar Tutunjian, PAAAE president and Vahagn Melikian, Deputy Minister of Diaspora.

Kevork Msrlian from Jordan, Raffi Tarkhanian from Lebanon, Nairy Hampikian from Egypt, Telemak Ananyan from Russia, Armen Simonian from the USA took part in the videoconference. Qatar was represented by Gohar Tutunjian.

Vahagn Melikian welcomed the participants and conveyed the welcome speech of RA Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan.

Gohar Tutunjian introduced the issues facing the Association, including the creation of a professional database, the need for the training of young professionals, promotion of the Armenian design industry abroad, promotion of Armenian architectural thought and the Association’s participation in the developments of architecture and engineering in Armenia. All the participants of the videoconference presented the activities they had carried out in their respective communities over the past two months and the future activities.

The Association’s Executive Director Arpine Danielyan talked about the activities carried out after the 3rd Pan-Armenian Conference of Architects and the future programs. Danielyan also informed the participants about the “Armenian Dance and Armenian Architecture” event scheduled on 11 December in the scope of which presentation of the book “Monuments speaking Armenian” would be organized by PAAAE.

Young architect Anais Sansonetti, who has repatriated to Armenia, talked about the “Deghatsi-Spyurq Collective” initiated by her jointly with Ari Hadjian from Argentina and Areg Keshishian from Syria. She also introduced the Collective’s collaboration with the PAAAE, American University of Armenia and TUMO Center for Creative Technologies.

Concluding the videoconference, Vahagn Melikian suggested all the participants to mobilize efforts and implement a project dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Armenia in 2016.