First Meeting of PAAAE 11 Affiliations was held

On 9 October the Pan-Armenian Association of Architects and Engineers (PAAAE) held the first meeting of affiliations at the RA Ministry of Diaspora. The meeting was attended by the RA Deputy Minister of Diaspora Vahagn Melikian, Chief of Staff of the RA Ministry of Diaspora Firdus Zakaryan, PAAAE Co-president Gohar Tutunjian, PAAAE Executive Director Arpine Danielyan and coordinators of 11 affiliations.

Mr. Melikian welcomed the participants of the meeting and expressed appreciation for high level organization of the 3rd Pan-Armenian Conference of Architects. He mentioned that the establishment of PAAAE affiliations would create a new platform for more active cooperation between Armenian architects and engineers of the Diaspora and would help further strengthen the relations in Armenia-Diaspora, as well as Diaspora-Diaspora formats.

The Deputy Minister attached a special significance to the creation of local affiliations, which will provide an opportunity to organize activities more effectively in their respective communities.

PAAAE co-president Gohar Tutunjian presented the five pillars and upcoming programs of the Association. Mrs. Tutunjian also attached importance to the creation of the Association’s affiliations, which will serve as an impetus for bringing Diaspora Armenian architects together and collaborating more effectively.

The PAAAE members and affiliation coordinators made suggestions and had an active and constructive discussion regarding the further actions.

The establishment of PAAAE 11 affiliations was initiated in the scope of the 3rd Pan-Armenian Conference of Architects held 6-7 October in Yerevan, RA. The affiliations were initiated in Egypt, France, Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, Qatar, Russian Federation, Sweden, Turkey, UAE, USA.