Goals & Objectives

Our Goals:

  • Support the implementation of Armenian governmental and national programs within the field of architecture, engineering, urban development and construction, between Armenia and Diaspora, the development of cooperation between the specialists within the above mentioned field;
  • Promote the competitiveness of national architectural thought and activities in the treasury of world culture;
  • Consolidate the Pan-Armenian architectural potential and the development and dissemination of Armenian architectural art through international cooperation.

Our Objectives:

  • Consolidate the scientific and creative thoughts in the field of architecture, urban development and construction between Armenia and Diaspora;
  • Account and study the Armenian historical-cultural values on the territory of Armenia and outside Armenia;
  • Support the protection, development and dissemination of cultural heritage;
  • Exchange the national and international experience to jointly organize and implement activities in the field of science, research and design;
  • Arrange the works for exhortation of the activities of outstanding national figures from Armenia and Diaspora within the appropriate spheres;
  • Support the development of national strategic researches;
  • Support the development and implementation of different programs of Pan-Armenian importance;
  • Support the promotion of young specialists’ and students’ professional activities, increase the qualification and acquisition of professional experience;
  • Arrange competitions within the sphere of architecture, engineering and urban development, organize scientific and practical seminars, conferences and exhibitions of Pan-Armenian importance;
  • Establish national information network within the above mentioned fields.

During the 3rd Pan-Armenian Conference of Architects the PAAAE declared its 5 pillars which are based on practical outcomes of trials with which we started to work in Armenia and thus they will be the base for further activities both in Armenia-Diaspora and Diaspora-Diaspora formats. The 5 pillars are as follows:

  • Professional database creation
  • Training of young professionals in Armenia and Diaspora
  • Design industry development and presentation in Armenia and Diaspora
  • Development of Armenian architectural school of thought
  • Cooperation and branding of Armenian regions