Eligibility & Fees

  • Every citizen of the Republic of Armenia and foreign countries, holding qualifications of an architect, constructor, civil engineer and engineer, who wants to participate in the activities of the Organization, accepts the Organization Charter and pays membership fees, may become a member of the Organization. Foreigners may become members of the Organization if they submit recommendation letters of at least two members of the Organization.
  • Any person who wants to become a member may apply to the Coordination Board of the Organization or separate subdivision administration. The applications shall be submitted in a hard copy or electronically.
  • The decision on Organization membership is taken by the Board or separate subdivision administration, in the manner defined by the Charter of the separate subdivision administration, approved by the Board. The head of the separate subdivision administration shall introduce the changes within the list of members to the Board at the end of every month, in case there has been any.
  • A member of the Organization is free to leave the Organization. The procedure for membership suspension or deprivation is approved by the Board of the Organization.
  • Citizens of RA and foreign countries who will particularly promote the mobilization of potential of the Armenian architecture and construction will become honorary members of the Organization on the basis of the Board decision. Honorary members hold the same rights and obligations as the organization members, stipulated by the Charter.

Download the Membership Application form here: PAAAE_Membership_Application_Form.pdf

Please, send the completed form to the following e-mail address: info.paaae@gmail.com and indicate PAAAE Membership form in the subject line.

Once you are accepted as a member by the decision of the PAAAE Board, we will send you the details for making the Membership payments.