In the scope of the 3rd Pan-Armenian Conference of Architects held on 6-7 October 2015 in Yerevan establishment of Affiliations of the Pan-Armenian Association of Architects and Engineers (PAAAE) was initiated. According to the outcomes of the Conference 11 Affiliations have been initiated and coordinators elected. Below is the list of countries and Affiliation coordinators.


The Conference was jointly organized by the PAAAE, RA Ministry of Diaspora, RA Ministry of Urban Development and the Union of Architects of Armenia.


1. Egypt - Mrs. Nairy Hampikian, architect

2. France - Mr. Michel Kevorkian, engineer

3. Iran - Mr. Bernard Dror, architect

4. Jordan - Mr. Kevork Msrlian, engineer

5. Lebanon - Mr. Vicken and Mr. Raffi Tarkhanian, architects

6. Qatar - Mr. Gohar Tutunjian, architect

7. Russia - Mr. Telemak Ananian, architect

8. Sweden - Mr. Edik Shahi, architect

9. Turkey - Mr. Jan Gavrilof, architect

10. UAE - Mrs. Gulizar Jonian, architect

11. USA - Mr. Armen Simonian, architect